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Jewish Konin

XIV. Michael from Lajb’s family


written by Magdalena Krysińska-Kałużna, May 2023 translated by Ada Kałużna  In my first blog post in March 2022, I wrote about the sign of Lajb Zajdlic’s store. I wrote how it survived the war and is still visible under the balcony of a townhouse on Dąbrowskiego Street, the building in which Lajb was running his […]

XIII. Sara and Miriam


 Written by Magdalena Krysińska-Kałużna, May 2023  Translated by Ada Kałużna This episode is comprised of a text written by Sara Trybuch née Ozerowicz in 1991 in Florida. Theo Richmond describes the story of Sara and her little daughter Miriam in the 46th chapter of Uporczywe echo as follows: in September of 1939 she gave birth […]

XII. Memory


Written by Magdalena Krysińska-Kałużna, April 2023 Translated by Ada Kałużna I decided to ask inhabitants of two townhouses in the old town if they knew who had lived in them before the war. I do – they were Jews. I knock on several doors one after another. One man tells me he’s doing shifts and […]

XI. Julian Joel, Konin’s Judym


written by Magdalena Krysińska-Kałużna, April 2023 translated by Ada Kałużna According to Wincenty Grętkiewicz, Konin hospital on Kolska Street run by Russian regional authorities accepted only very sick people.“[At the beginning of the 20th century,] Konin’s residents were in terrible health; it was largely caused by the contemporaneous climate conditions in the city. Consumption, an […]

X. A conversation with an archive manager, part 2: On a suit filed against Infeld


written by: Magdalena Krysińska-Kałużna, March 2023 translation by: Ada Kałużna  ‘In the second half of 19th century, Konin fell into a civilizational low. One of the reasons behind this fact were limited communication capabilities.’  I’m continuing my conversation about the town’s history with the manager of the Konin department of the National Archive in Poznan, […]

VIII. Frumit and Yoel Porat


Text: Magdalena Krysińska-Kałużna, Konin, May 12th, 2022 Frumit Porat’s family lived in Konin until the beginning of the World War II. Frumit herself lives in Israel. I’m on a Zoom call with her and her husband, Yoel. Frumit’s father was the only family member to survive the war. He was 13 when it started. Frumit […]

VII. Atlantis


Text: Magdalena Krysińska-Kałużna, May 2022I’m at the Castle Square again (the Jewish name of the place, “Teper Mark”, keeps appearing in my mind recently). This time I’m here with Mr. Andrzej Moś, a photographer from the Cultural Center of Konin (CCK). Mr. Andrzej recorded a phenomenal film about Józef Lewandowski (Izaak Lipszyc) in 1990s, when […]

VI. The Leszczynskis and the Ejzens (part 3)


Text: Magdalena Krysińska-Kałużna, April 2022 The Jewish Konin, A Place Beyond the Map project as well as the blog that forms part of it, portray the small-town world of the local Jewish community that existed here until the Second World War. And yet, today is the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and just beyond […]

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